Our Approach

Discover how we do business, build relationships with our customers and partners and how we can work with you and your business.


At NovaAgency our team has been involved in B2B and B2C marketing and business development for over 30 years, when we started marketing was still about Yellow Pages, Trade Press, Leaflets, Newsletters, Press Releases and Exhibitions. Although the arrival of the internet changed the delivery methods the messages have stayed mostly the same.

We have worked in this environment as it is constantly changing and evolving, keeping on top of the most cost-effective ways of delivering content for maximum effect.

We believe in building a strong, close relationship with our clients in order to get a deep understanding of their business goals. Working in this way with clients helps us develop practical solutions to give them a highly visible online presence.

Our Process

Discover our nine-step process for managing digital projects.

First Contact  

This is where we put together the basic information to start building an overview of your main requirements. We discuss your business, branding and positioning in your market and start to analyse your competition.


We meet with our clients and take the time to listen to them very carefully. Finding out your business goals and the challenges facing your brand is the most important objective for us moving forward.

The Brief  

The Brief helps us to organise the information we have put together up to this point. Leading to our initial company & brand recommendations to check we are both on the same page before moving forward.


In order to give you the best possible advice, we conduct deep analysis on your marketplace. Our goal is to get to know and fully understand the environment of the project we're working on.

Comunication Design  

We take the conclusions from our analysis and develop them into firm concepts. Creative work requires time and attention. We have a simple philosophy: precision, precision, precision.


We show you how our recommendation will meet your stated requirements. Together we can then move forward ensuring we have covered all the bases and met all of your project's expectations.


We look for the most appropriate aesthetics to deliver a clear and consistent message. Creating an easily accessible online and offline presence that is responsive and highly visible.


Our solutions begin to take shape, online assets are fully implemented, refined and tested before going live to the public. Giving you the opportunity to make revisions before the final launch.


We appreciate the best type of evaluation is market evaluation, client feedback can very often take a product to the next level, we offer unlimited revisions for up to 90 days on every project.

Our Philosophies

Discover some of our Creative Techniques, Services & Solutions.

Mobile Responsive Websites

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are starting to focus more on mobile, according to Statcounter 2016 was the year mobile views exceeded those on desktop and laptops. A non-mobile responsive site will be loosing out on the majority of its traffic due to high bounce rates also that traffic will be reduced as search engines demote non-mobile sites in their rankings.

Online Video

Since 2005 when commercial video launched on the internet with YouTube, video has become the preferred way to consume content online. Recently with the popularity of smartphones and tablets, mobile video consumption has increased exponentially. We have many cost-effective solutions that allow our clients to take advantage of the online video revolution.

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